KB Griffin

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Burnin dem screens

Process post of a CMYK plus silver poster print for the band Lucius

Some biggen’s and a few wee guys, posters I printed for Tegan and Sara’s anniversary show. Good Times.

Brooklyn Go Hard print, from the same people as the Biggie Smalls poster, printed by yours truly at Fleaheart

Get in the mood

Found this sick vintage poster in one of the old train cars at the transit museum.. a three color screen print!

2 color, transparent blue Storyman poster at Fleaheart

Smalls print while working at Fleaheart
From a trip I got to take to San Antonio with my favorites for my cousins wedding
Braddock, PA,  5 color screen print
A very fun 7 color print for the band Lucius! Beautiful design guys!
If These Trees Could Talk //Signal Hill//No Grave Like The Sea show poster
Laying down that gold layer for the If These Trees Could Talk // Signal Hill // No Grave Like The Sea show poster
Portrait of Rauf